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The NatureWood systems are based on the well-established effectiveness of copper combined with a co-biocide, and are applied to wood by pressure treatment. NatureWood® treated wood products are available for above ground, ground contact and fresh water contact applications for projects such as decks, fences and landscaping.

The Benefits of NatureWood® Treated Wood

NatureWood® Enviromental Certifications

Home Innovation NGBS Green Certified™

NatureWood Pressure Treated Wood technology has been approved for points toward National Green Building Certification to the ICC 700-2008 National Green Building Standard. Visit www.HomeInnovation.com for more details.

NatureWood® End Uses

NatureWood® treated wood products can be used for interior and exterior uses. Exterior uses include above ground, ground contact, and fresh water contact.

End Use Classifications for Naturewood®
Pressure Treated Wood Products
General Use: Above Ground
Examples: Decking, joists, beams, and sills
Ground Contact and Fresh Water Contact
Examples: Decks, fence posts, playsets and docks
Ground Contact: Critical Structural Members
Examples: Building poles, permanent wood foundations, salt water splash zones

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