Conserving Our Forests

The best conservation of wood is the preservation of wood. Therefore, the wood preserving industry has been a leader in wood preservation and carbon sequestration for decades, which preserve forests and the environment.

Wood is the only building material that is naturally grown in soil and sunlight. Constantly renewable as forests are constantly growing, wood is a remarkable renewable resource for our housing and building needs as a nation.

Preserved wood saves trees by extending the life of wood products in their intended uses, and preserved wood lasts longer than untreated wood. Preserved wood is used in commercial buildings, houses, condos, decks, fencing, backyard projects, and many other places where longevity in a building product is desired.

Wood has a natural aesthetic beauty that is unmatched compared to other materials. And preserving wood through the wood preserving systems offered at Western Wood Preserving Co. greatly lengthens the life of the wood after it is harvested and milled.

Carbon Sequestration

Carbon sequestration of wood far exceeds that of concrete and steel. Therefore, preserved wood is even more effective for long-term carbon sequestration than other building materials that require extensive, expensive and complicated processes to manufacture, and provide little or no carbon sequestration.

Wood Beats the Competition

Wood is an excellent choice for your building material needs. Lighter and easier to work with than concrete, plastic and steel, it is also less expensive to produce as a building product compared to concrete, plastic and steel, and offers better insulating and aesthetic properties.

Wood Preserving Subject to High Standards for Manufacturing

Western Wood Preserving Co. preserves wood with Environmental Protection Agency registered wood preserving systems and chemicals, and which are regularly re-registered with the EPA.

Structural materials we produce are subject to plant quality control procedures to assure compliance with the American Wood Preservers Association (AWPA) Standards, or International Code Council Standards (ICC). AWPA is the national standards-setting organization for treated wood in the U.S. All of our preserving processes meet AWPA or the ICC standards.

We also provide EPA approved Consumer Safety Information Sheets (CSIS) to customers and end-users of our pressure treated products.

For more information on standards for wood preserving, visit www.awpa.com and www.iccsafe.org.